Gift Packages

 Party Packages

The Gift Package:

      In this special package, the birthday person will receive a wrapped gift from the Unicorn, personally addressed to them. Listed below are the gift options and their fees:


     ~Unicorn Shoe Gift $30: this magical gift is always a winning choice! Two golden Unicorn Shoes to take home, wrapped up just for you! This gift is economically priced and never disappoints!

     ~T-Shirt Gift $30: this great gift offers the birthday person a NH Unicorns T-shirt in their favorite color! We have several different design options and colors for our shirts, making this a great, universal gift! *color, design, and size must be determind prior to party.

     ~Unicorn Plushie Gift $40: this large, soft, squishy Unicorn Plushie is always a favorite! She sells out at every event! Resting at 14″ tall and about 22″ long, she is like having your very own little pet Unicorn!

     ~Hidden Unicorn Pearl Necklace Gift $50: this special gift keeps things beautiful and interactive with a Unicorn Necklace and a Pearl hidden inside a mollusk shell. Upon opening the gift, the birthday person is then able to open the shell themselves to reveal a pearl! The necklace opens up and the pearl will fit perfectly inside, making this beautiful Unicorn Necklace even more special and aesthetic! **not recommended for those with shellfish allergy

    ~Magical Crystals Gift $150: this is probably THE most special of our gift options. This package includes several beautiful and authentic healing crystals of varying colors, styles  and materials, with most being cut in the “shape” of Unicorn horns! Upon gifting this package to the birthday person, we share our beautiful, magical story of where these crystals come from! This is a package that all kids and adults go nuts for and talk about for days after, telling all their friends how the Unicorn brought them magic!   *story found below*

*Discounts offered for multiple Gift Packages



The Crystal Hunt Package  $200+ (price listed for standard group size)                                                                                                 *on-farm only*


    This extra special package keeps everyone of all ages thoroughly entertained! We share a story with the party guests about the Unicorns Magic and how it creates crystals. Then, we ride/take the Unicorn down through the magical forest to a brook, where we go on a crystal hunt! All crystals and stones found are kept by the party guests!

“Unicorns all have magic inside them, and each Unicorns’ magic is unique to them. Some Unicorns Fly, some make Rainbows, some make Sunshine or Rain. At the end of the day, the Unicorns need to expel their excess magic, which creates what we know as Healing Crystals. These crystals can often be found by rivers and trees close to water.”

**ALL packages must be selected prior to party date.

**Packages limited to availability.

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