Meet Our Founder

IMG_9583.JPGOwner and founder Deanna Levesque is a lifelong equestrian, turning her passion for horses into her career when she opened Bella Vista Stables in Barnstead, NH.  A licensed professional, she started teaching in her teens and carried on to freelance training, which eventually grew into what is now a successful equestrian training and showing program. She holds numerous high caliber titles in the competitive equestrian community, including state and regional titles, national titles, and multiple world championship titles. Her students are proving to be just as dedicated to the sport, earning top honors in their respective divisions at every competition they attend; even boasting some world titles, themselves.


Unicorns are a popular thing in the horse world, and Deanna is no exception to that. She had everything ‘Lisa Frank’ growing up, and most of her friends could tell you her love for all things Unicorn. In her early twenties, Deanna started doing Princess Parties here and there for friends, which quickly got her wondering, “how can I get my horses involved in these parties?”  It didn’t take her long to come up with the idea for NH Unicorns, and after meeting our Head Unicorn, Tula, she knew it was meant to be.


Deanna was fortunate to have tremendous support from her friends and family for her Unicorn idea, and it soon became a reality. The happiness she could bring to people with her Unicorns filled her with so much joy, it was hard not to share that joy with everyone she knew. Her bubbly, cheery personality is the perfect fit for a Unicorn Owner. She glows with every opportunity to make a person smile. Deanna knows that adults, just as well as children, can enjoy the magic a Unicorn can bring. She takes great pride in her Unicorns, hand-selecting the perfect Unicorn for each magical experience. She loves learning of fellow Unicorn Lovers, so when you see her at any of the Unicorn events, please feel free to say Hi!




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