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Our photo sessions are so much more than just pictures with a Unicorn in them- they’re an overall magical experience! Kids and adults alike are fascinated with the authenticity of our Unicorns, making the experience all the more enchanting. We select the most scenic backdrops on our property or at the given location, providing you with a real, once in a lifetime experience and the most natural yet beautiful background for your final images.

Our photoshoots are often used as birthday and bridal shower gifts, and we have many clients that return for milestone shoots! We can customize your session to your dream idea in a styled/fantasy shoot, or have your vision come to life through our imagination in one of our standard sessions!

Mini Session:

Our 15 minute mini sessions are a fantastic, economical choice to have pictures taken with our Unicorn!  


$200 gets you a personal meet and greet with one of our Unicorns, posing coaching, the use of our props (fairy wings, wands, flower crowns, tiaras, etc.), and a minimum* of 3 digital images of the experience! This particular session is excellent for the extremely young; an opportunity for beautiful photos that caters to a sometimes more desired time frame. This option has a two child limit, and is limited to On Farm sessions, only.  Although the photoshoot is limited to 15 minutes, this is usually closer to a 30 minute experience. We allow the kids and/or adults plenty of time to meet and greet with our Unicorn prior to the start of the photoshoot! 


*This is the guaranteed number of photos you will receive. However, we often send a couple extra!3

Full Session:

Our 30 minute photo sessions are the perfect choice for the Unicorn obsessed! This session allows ample time for an exciting personal introduction with Tula, Cottonpuff or Della, also allowing plenty of time for photos of many poses post introduction.  Although the photo session itself is 30 minutes, this session is typically closer to a 45 minute experience. We want you to have an opportunity to greet and get comfortable with our beautiful Unicorns!


For $300, you’ll receive a personal meet and greet with one (or more!) of our Unicorns, posing coaching, the use of our props (fairy wings, wands, flower crowns, tiaras, etc.), and a minimum of 5 edited, digital images! This session has a three child limit, and is available On Farm or Off Farm (travel fees not included for off site shoots).  


Styled/Fantasy Session:

Our Styled/Fantasy Sessions are the perfect session for those that have their own unique vision and are dedicated to creating it. Styled/Fantasy Sessions are $450, and are one full hour long. We do allow extra time in the beginning and end to change into and out of your sessions outfit. We will help you customize yours and the Unicorns attire to fit your dream vision, and will professionally coach you on precise poses during your shoot. We are very creative here at NHU, and we can also assist you in the planning stages for this session. For example, if you have a vision, but can’t quite put it together, we will discuss every detail of your vision with you at length, even going as far as helping you purchase the right items for your wardrobe or for props. 


The number of final photos produced from these sessions GREATLY depends on the detail of the session and the desired shots. This will be customized to your session and will be discussed and determined during the booking process.

*travel to specific locations off farm incurs additional fee


Photoshoot Additions:

Here at NH Unicorns we are all about making your Unicorn Experience the most magical and authentic experience possible! Below are our Photoshoot Addition options to help make your experience blow you out of the water!

*NEW* Proof Selection: What we have always done with our photoshoots is select the top photos from your session, edit and process them, and those are your final images. New in 2020 is our Proof Selection option! Several Clients have requested a way to actually select their own final images to be produced. This has been a little tricky to entertain, as we are considering SO many factors when determining your final photos. These factors are easily overlooked, and often times not even thought of by non-Unicorn Professionals! Our trained and professional eyes review all of these photos. We want your final product to be quality through and through.

In order to accommodate this request, we have designed this Proof Selection option! If this option is purchased with your photoshoot, we will review the photos taken during your session and select as many as possible to be options. We will lightly edit these images so you can have a better idea of what they will become once finished, and send you a proof selection link. From there, you can choose which images we will process for you! This can help you feel more involved, and may possibly help us provide you with more sentimental to you moments.

Proof Selection is an additional $75. We cannot guarantee the number of proofs that you will be able to search through, as that will depend on the individual session and what that session produces. This option is likely best utilized with a Full or Styled session (discounted for styled sessions). If you love more photos than are included in your session, we can discuss the purchase of additional images at this time.

Pegasus Wings: Is there any way possible to make a Unicorn even more magical and mystifying than it already is? Of course there is; make it a Pegasus! For only $100, you can have your Unicorn wearing White Feathered Pegasus Wings!

     *please note that these wings are a prop that the Unicorn wears. No seated photos can be done while the Unicorn wears wings. However, they can be removed for those particular photos.

Mane and Tail Dyes: Who doesn’t love a colorful Unicorn! You can have your Unicorn be extra special with pink or purple or even rainbow colored mane and tail!

Standard Dyes (one color throughout): $75

Premium Dyes (multiple colors): $95

Princess Handler: Interested in adding our Princess to your session? For only $125, you can have a non-specific Unicorn Princess as part of your experience! Her dress can be blue or pink, you decide! She can be in all your photos, some of your photos, or just there for the experience! *option based on availability



Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks to receive images.

*Longer sessions are available by request. Please call for details and pricing.

**Multiple Unicorns are available by request. Please call for details and pricing.

***Shoots for over two children or involving families may require more time. We offer a special price for these situations. Please call for details!

****Booking requires a 50% deposit.


Want to see a sample of what you’ll receive? Click here.


Are you a professional photographer that desires to use our Unicorns for your photo session? Our Unicorns can be hired out as models to enhance your photo sessions! Please call us today for more details!


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