Weather Policy

NHU Weather Policy

NH Unicorns reserves the right to reschedule or cancel parties for extreme weather. Safety for not only our Unicorns, but for all humans involved, is our top priority.

Extreme weather can include, but is not limited to:

Extreme Heat

Extreme Cold

Bitter or Damaging Winds



Heavy Rain

Excessive Snow

In the event of weather, we offer several options:

Sometimes, the rain is light and fair and the temperature is warm enough that as long as nobody cares, we don’t either! We’ve done several events in light rain that didn’t seem to bother anyone involved! *dyes can not be done in the rain. If dyes were purchased for your event and we are continuing on despite light rain, the fee will be removed from your remainder or will be refunded.

If the rain is too heavy for riding in, but we still want to party that day, we can bring a pop-up style tent and a small Unicorn (pending their availability) and do our interactive party under the tent. We only use small Unicorns for these parties for safety purposes: it is NOT safe to have a full size Unicorn with children and handlers and all activities under a pop-up tent.

If the weather is just too strong; thunder, lightning, sleeting, weather too harsh for safe travel, etc., we have a couple of other options available to be able to utilize your deposit money and/or full payment. 

1.) We reschedule the event to a day that works for both the client and NHU.

2.) If rescheduling the event is not an option, we offer to use your deposit monies towards one of our professional photoshoots. Most deposits are very close to the cost of one our sessions. Full sessions can be done on or off farm (listed session fees do not include travel). If the difference in deposit and full session fees is too great, we have options to utilize our mini-sessions, either on farm or at a chosen NHU Photoday. 

Your deposit is final, but we will work with you in the absolute best way we can in order to prevent you from losing any of your paid fees. If we are forced to reschedule an event for weather, your deposit will be transferred to your new date. Final decisions for weather cancellations will be made the day before or day of the event, only, unless agreed upon by NHU. Rescheduling for weather any sooner than this will result in a loss of deposit.

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