Our Unicorns

Unicorns are rare, mystifying creatures, each possessing its own unique story and personality. We here at NH Unicorns are so fortunate to be able to share our Unicorns with you!


Tula is our Head Unicorn. Regal, delicate and feminine with her striking blue eyes, Tula is just a stunner. Tula has been with us the longest, and has brought an incredible amount of Joy to hundreds of children and adults alike. Tula has done photoshoots, parties, weddings; you name it, she’s a pro at it. Her tiny frame makes her desirable for all ages for parties and photo sessions.


She was born in the heat of Texas, but spent most of her life concealing her identity out in the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire. At 10 years old, she decided she was bored with her life in hiding, and started seeking just the right Human to reveal herself to. Fortunately for Tula, she discovered Deanna early in her search. Deanna was also looking for her “Unicorn” at the time, not knowing that a Unicorn is exactly what she would find. Soon after moving to Bella Vista Stables, receiving top care and nutrition,  Tula revealed herself to Deanna. Deanna just couldn’t wait to share Tula with the world! Together, they created NH Unicorns in an effort to share the Magic of real Unicorns with all Unicorn Lovers around.


Tula is a tiny Unicorn, standing only 3′ tall. She is very special, as a tiny Unicorn; the smaller the Unicorn, the more concentrated their magic. Unfortunately for us Humans, her tiny size means we cannot ride her. Parties that Tula brings magic to do not have rides included. But, don’t be fooled! Tula’s parties are no less magical than any other Unicorn- her tiny size also makes her much more accessible to tiny Humans! She is the perfect size for the youngest group of Unicorn Lovers, and the shyest group of Unicorn Lovers! Her gentle, quiet nature makes her very approachable, even to the most nervous greeters. She is kind and patient, and will softly wait for you to be ready to come to her.


Tula LOVES to be the center of attention, which, along with her regal looks and crisp blue eyes, makes her the perfect model for photoshoots, and is in her Glory bringing happiness to Unicorn Lovers of all ages as they meet their first Live Unicorn. She can’t wait to meet you and show you how truly Magical a Unicorn can be!



Cottonpuff, born a lone Unicorn way up in the Rocky Mountains, spent the majority of her life in hiding. She eventually felt too lonely, and found herself work doing Pony Rides, disguised as a horse, to keep her busy.  Unfortunately for Cottonpuff, her place of work closed down, leaving her jobless, and eventually homeless. After months and months of searching for new purpose, moving from home to home, Cottonpuff found herself in New Jersey, doing pony rides on and off to get by. It was here that Cottonpuff heard of Tula and NH Unicorns. She sent word to Tula as soon as she could.

The minute Tula and Deanna learned of her, arrangements were made for Cottonpuff to be transported to Bella Vista Stables. She arrived with a nicker of joy, and was greeted with a whinny of approval! She was the perfect fit the moment she stepped foot in New Hampshire!


Cottonpuff is the ideal “pony ride” sized Unicorn. Small, snuggly, and child friendly, she is just large enough to carry children around for fun rides, and this is where she finds the most joy! Cottonpuff, or “Puffy” as we often call her, finds giving children the thrill of riding a real life Unicorn to be the greatest gift in life, and is the happiest doing parties and events where her talent is best put to use.

babyshower70Cottonpuff’s extra fluffy coat and “chubby” features make her a desirable addition to any event! People are drawn to her cuteness, and consumed by her sweet manners. Friendly as they come, Cottonpuff’s inviting face attracts all around her to come in for some snuggles! She can’t wait to meet you and deliver all the Magic a Unicorn can bring!




Born out west in Missouri, Music has traveled across the country in almost constant peril to desperately search for her Unicorn companions. Knowing all along what she was, and sensing others were out there, Music never gave up on her difficult journey to find her family.  It is truly amazing that she is the kind and compassionate Unicorn that she is.. Music came to us in terrible shape, covered in her own urine and feces, with about 2 or more YEARS of no medical or hoof care. Once she finally found us, we immediately took her in and we turned her life around! Several medical visits and X-rays later, we have her magical golden hooves all back in order and she is doing what she was put on this earth to do- make people smile!


Music is as beautiful and charming as her name. Despite years of neglect, and overcoming the suffering from several medical challenges, she is the snuggliest Unicorn we have, allowing almost anyone to hug and hold her face! She loves to be groomed, decorated and LOVES kids! Not quite as small as Cottonpuff, and not as large as Della, Music is right in between; the perfect size for the 6-10 age range. Her beauty is almost distracting; making her the ideal model for your photoshoot!


Music continues to learn every day here at NH Unicorns. In her time here, we’ve noticed she is a bit of a “copy-cat”; it appears she does most of her learning by mimicking the other Unicorns! Throughout her difficult journey, Music never really learned how Unicorns were supposed to “be”.  She watches our current Unicorns and mocks their behaviors, helping her mold into an incredibly impressive Unicorn! She watches Tula and Cottonpuff being gentle with the smallest of children, and carries out their gentle ways. She watches Della standing so patiently for all sizes of humans, and she follows suit. She watches Apollo and all of his strength, and works herself to be stronger every day in order to give the best riding experience possible. Music is regularly adding to her resume- she is even currently undergoing training to eventually become therapy certified like her elder Unicorns, Cottonpuff and Tula!

Music is grateful and delighted to have finally completed her search for her Unicorn Family. Her joy for concluding her journey here at NH Unicorns is palpable by all around her, and she just can’t wait to share that joy with all of you!


Apollo, our only male Unicorn, is exactly what you would expect he would be. He’s noble, hes patient, he’s wise, and he’s as thick as a tank! If you could picture a Roman Unicorn, that is Apollo!


Apollo is just the right size- he’s short enough to accomodate the little Unicorn lovers, but stocky enough to carry most adults! Apollo absolutely loves giving Unicorn rides. He would go to every single party and do all of the rides if he had it his way!! He does not enjoy photoshoots, however, as standing still for long periods of time does not suit his fancy. He tells us, “he’s the man around here, and he prefers to be working!” And we respect that wish!


Apollo, born completely black, comes from way out west, starting his life in the wild. He was captured to be relocated, as his homeland was being turned into houses and businesses. He decided to conceal his Unicorn traits and take residence at a farm in Massachusetts, giving little children lessons and teaching them the ropes of horse showing. He excels with gifted children and adults.


Apollo learned of NH Unicorns, and decided it was time for him to return to his roots and have his “herd” again! The lady Unicorns weren’t immediately thrilled about this boy in their field, but are now best of friends with him. It’s an amazing sight to see all of the Unicorns running together in their magical herd!




Della, our largest Unicorn, is everything you could imagine a Unicorn to be. She’s regal, refined, luxuriously beautiful, gentle, protective, and oh so delicate around children. Standing at just over 4′ tall, she makes the absolute perfect addition to any party or social gathering. Her gorgeous looks make her a perfect model for photo sessions, her size makes her accommodating to almost all children and many adults, and her charming personality adds in all the extra touch needed to make any moment special.

Della grew up in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, with a wonderful caretaker named Staci. Although she enjoyed her home being loved on by Staci, a schoolteacher, after hearing about us, she longed to reveal herself publicly and be a part of NH Unicorns. Deanna and Staci got in touch, made arrangements, and everyone is now as happy as could be! Staci keeps in touch regularly, and Della makes sure Deanna sends photos often!


Della is an extremely special Unicorn, being just as talented and patient as she is beautiful. She LOVES to be ridden, by children and adults, alike. Della occasionally enjoys a casual “Sunday Drive,” where she pulls her Humans in a cart. She also enjoys what she calls “Fancy Horse Things,” such as (what is known in the equestrian world) Dressage (ballet type movements) and jumping!

Della arrived at the Farm and became instant best friends with Cottonpuff; they are inseparable! The only times they allow us to take them apart from each other is when they are each doing parties or photoshoots, as they know how much each other loves their jobs!


Della is a bit conceited- she knows she’s pretty and she LOVES to be the center of attention! Parties and Photoshoots with Della NEVER disappoint! She will look right at the camera and pose, and will look at the party and nicker if she feels she doesn’t have everyones attention! She lives to bring you the magic of meeting a Unicorn. She can’t wait to bring YOU the magic of meeting one!


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Did you know that our Mini Unicorns are both certified Therapy Animals? Check out their certificates below! Both our little Unicorns and all of our staff come highly trained to handle individuals from all walks of life. Please feel free to ask us any questions about this!

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