Let us bring a Live Unicorn to your party!


Our parties are typically 1 hour long (although we can accommodate longer parties for an extra fee), starting with a brief introduction, where the Unicorn Handler introduces our Unicorn to everyone and explains some safety methods to the group, answering any questions the children or adults might have about the Unicorns.


Following this, we proceed with personal introductions, starting with the birthday person (or people). The birthday boy(s) and/or girl(s) is/are allowed to stay with the Unicorn, if desired, as everyone else has their individual meet and greets. At this point, friends and family can choose to take photos of everyone with the Unicorn. This is also where we will do our group photo! Once everyone has met the Unicorn, everyone will either have the chance to groom the Unicorn and/or to decorate him/her! Depending on the selected party, they may also ride him/her, or they can read (or be read to) a custom NH Unicorns Story to the Unicorn! Decorations can include flowers, gem barrettes, butterflies, and sometimes even body glitter! Storybooks are customized per Unicorn, so will be different for each Unicorns’ party! Another activity we offer, a very popular activity, is “making” the Unicorns’ food and feeding it to him/her! This is a very fun and hands on activity. This activity is typically reserved for smaller parties. Depending on the number of participants, their ages, and the time frame, we also sometimes allow the partygoers to “lead” the Unicorn alongside the Handler.  


Maybe Unicorn rides aren’t everyones thing? Maybe someone is nervous to ride? Fear not! Our Unicorns are extremely interactive, keeping everyones attention even without the extra benefit of riding! We have a variety of activities to entertain whether or not we are riding our Unicorn that day!


Please keep in mind that with a Live Unicorn, OUTDOOR parties are usually ideal settings! Several indoor venues, including home garages, can be sufficient – please call with any questions!

*We now offer on farm parties! Please see below for details!


We offer several different color options for the Unicorn, custom to your parties theme! There are dozens of different decorations to choose from along with the colors for the Unicorns décor.


Party Prices

1 Hour Party with Unicorn and Handlers

         Tula or Cottonpuff– $600 (+travel)

                       Weight limit 50lbs. Recommended ages 0-4yrs

         Music- $650 (+travel)

                       Weight limit 100lbs. Recommended ages 5-9yrs

         Della- $725 (+travel)

                         Recommended ages 6+

Basic decorations (flowers, leis, glitter) are included in party fee.

Dyes are an additional $95 (ex: pink mane and tail) or $150 (premium dyes, ex: rainbow mane and tail). Please note that dyes are seasonable and are not available in winter months.

Gift Packages are also available to make your party the most magical party ever! Please click the above link to view all of our Package offerings!


On-Farm Parties

We are proud to announce that we now offer on-farm party options to private and semi-private parties! On-farm parties are a fantastic choice if you’re on more of a budget and are looking to keep your party small. They are also the perfect choice for a private party, as we offer party packages that keep the party personal and special that are only offered on-farm!

-Standard parties fees are the same per Unicorn as listed in the above fee schedule.

-On-farm parties do have an 8 child limit.

-Please note that on-farm parties facilities include only a porta-potty.

-On-farm parties are currently subject to weather conditions. 


Did you know we offer some INCREDIBLE Gift Packages?! Click the link below to check out all of our Gift Package offerings!

Gift Packages


*prices exclude travel. Average NH travel fees range from $150-250, depending on location. *Average travel fees to MA/ME typicially range from $350+, depending on location.

**large parties may require additional handlers and more time, which can be provided for an additional fee. Please indicate estimated party size when booking/requesting an estimate.

***parties with multiple Unicorns can be accommodated. Please call for details and pricing.

****Booking requires a 50% deposit and a signed party release form.

To view our Weather Policy, click here

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